Brim Full of Passion - The Official Autobiography

Brim Full of Passion is the official autobiography of former first class cricketer, Wasim Khan. Awarded Wisden Book of the Year 2006, this book is a must read for all cricketing enthusiasts across the globe.


‘This book looks at the trials and struggles of breaking through as the first British born Pakistani to play professional cricket in England. If the meaning of life is about making a difference to others, then Wasim Khan has got it all figured out’

 Eastern Eye

‘This is not just about his professional cricketing career; it is a rallying and educational cry to others from similarly disadvantaged backgrounds. He has a good tale to tell’.

Sunday Telegraph

'Wasim Khan could be one of the most important men in English cricket right now. This is the eventful story of his county career and desire to give something back to a sport that gave him so much fulfilment’.

Observer Sport Monthly 

‘A heart warming yet urgent and relevant story about one man’s determination to escape an under-privileged upbringing to realise a dream of professional cricket, this is a worthy winner of the Wisden Book of the Year award’.

All Out Cricket

'This book work’s on every level, as a county cricketers tale, as a story of a poor immigrant family’s efforts to find a place in their new homeland and a textbook of cultural awareness. This is a tremendous book, almost a spiritual experience’.


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